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Getting on top of finances!! Tips to get you started.

If we change nothing, nothing will change!

In this blog we impart some tips we think are useful in getting you started on the right track to thinking about your finances and beginning the planning process.

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Small business CGT concessions

This blog is all about the eligibility criteria for CGT concessions for small businesses as well as the four CGT concessions that may be available to you when considering the sale of an asset.

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Life Event: Claims process for personal insurance

Claiming on your personal insurances at a time that is both financially and emotionally stressful can be a daunting process. We help you better understand what may be involved by looking at the steps commonly associated with making a claim.

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Why bother Planning Money

Are you a natural born planner or someone who prefers a life of spontaneity? Interestingly, planning forms part of our everyday lives regardless of the type of person we might be. We plan to get to work on time, to go out for dinner, we drive a car that was planned and then built for us to drive. A bit of planning can make a big difference...

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The 6 Ages of Wealth Part 6 – in your 70s

Our final blog in the 6 part series! The 70's. It's what we work so hard for all our lives. Holiday's, family time and a more relaxed pace. Now is your time and with the help of a financial planner you'll live this decade and beyond free of financial stress and full of enjoyment.

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The 6 Ages of Wealth Part 5 – in your 60s

Now we've hit the 60's. All the hard yards are done. This decade is all about enjoying life. You are retired or very close to it and are planning the years ahead which for the most part will have limited responsibilities and endless opportunities. If you've planned right! We can still help though and inside this blog you'll find some helpful tips.

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The 6 ages of Wealth Part 4 – in your 50s

Next in our series we are going to explore the 50's. What a great time of life. Now is when we start thinking about transitioning into retirement and making sure we'll meet all the financial goals we have for retirement. Read on to see our 6 tips for this decade.

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The 6 ages of Wealth Part 3 – in your 40s

Are you in your 40's? Is it true what they say, that life begins at 40? This weeks blog - Part 3 of our series, focuses on this decade. The years where life is going well and it's time to plan for the next stages in life.

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The 6 Ages of Wealth!! Part 2 – in your 30s

Next in our 6 part series we focus on the 30's. A time of excitement and joy but it can also be a stressful and costly time of our lives.

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The 6 Ages of Wealth!! Part 1 - In your 20s

This is the first of six blogs in which we discuss each decade of our lives to age 70. We will cover what the decade has in store for us as well as 6 tips Sound Life Financial Services think are relevant for each decade.

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Life Insurance Costs Double for Smokers

Life insurance costs are more than doubled for some of those who smoke cigarettes and may lead to a lack of insurance at some ages according to financial rating service CANSTAR.

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Save Money Now

Could you stretch your money further? For most, the answer is “yes”.

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Concession Cards Explained

Ever wondered what each of the Government concession cards are and if you are eligible to apply for one. This blog explains all the different cards available, whose eligible and what the benefits of having one are.

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Financial Coaches

If you are one of the people seeking financial advice and coaching as opposed to being sold a product, give us a call 98411688

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Young Drivers and Insuring the Risks

Young drivers have the highest fatal crash risk of any age group. Per kilometre travelled, they have the highest involvement rates in all types of crashes, from those involving only property damage to those that are fatal.
The following article is a little insight into insuring the risks and how it may benefit you in the future.

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What is the benefit of a financial planner?

I’ve been told I should see a financial planner but I can’t see the benefit of it. My husband and I only earn around $100,000.00p.a, we have 2 small children in primary school and we are paying off a mortgage. We really don’t have that much money left over to invest in anything. Is it worthwhile paying for advice?

A great question! One we are asked all the time. Now for some answers......

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Insurance for the Young

For most young Australians, Insurance to protect Income, Life or Health is the furthermost thing in your minds. The unfortunate reality is that no one is untouchable and without adequate cover should the unthinkable happen your family may be left in financial hardship. The following are a few reasons to think about insurance while you're young......

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Understanding Super

Superannuation is one of the best ways to save for retirement. In this blog article we explain some of the key tips to think about when trying to utilise the benefits of super to it's best advantages.

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Costs of Buying a Home

For most people at some stage in their lives, one of the most major financial goals is going to be buying their first home with your first concern being saving for the initial deposit. That being said, do you know about the other costs that you need to be aware of? This article is a great first look at being prepared for the extra costs associated with buying a home. Take a look as being prepared will save a lot of financial stress and hardship in the long run.

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Small Business Financial Pitfalls and how a Financial Planner can help.

Many elements go into making a small business a success. The following article is an insight into how a financial planner could be the one thing your business needs to help make it successful.

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Claim Time

Personal insurance is a complex area, where guidance from a knowledgeable and caring adviser can add an immeasurable amount of value.

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12 Reasons Why you may Need to Talk to Your Financial Adviser

Whether assisting you to meet small day-to-day goals through to handling emotional life changes, purchases of large assets, or assisting your family with their needs over time, financial planning is a step you can take today to alleviate the stress for your future self.

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Superannuation And The Self-Employed

Alarming figures from a 2012 Australian Bureau of Statistics report show that almost 25 percent of self-employed workers, including tradespeople and small business owners, have no superannuation.

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Plan Your Future With A Financial Planner

Australians, on the whole, enjoy a high standard of living and financial opportunity. But an increasingly volatile and uncertain economic climate may just provide us all with the motivation to reflect on, and review our financial future. Why not take the opportunity for a financial spring clean?

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Renting v Buying a Home

Owning property has long been the great Australian dream. However does it make more financial sense to rent? Many may look at the incredible increases in value of the property market through the mining boom and think that buying is the obvious choice...

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Goal Setting

Setting goals can give us the motivation to accomplish something that is too far in the future for us to care. Goals can vary in how far in the future they are with retirement seen as a long term goal for many, whereas buying a new car is a much shorter term...

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Repaying Non-Deductable Debt v Super Contributions

With the current low interest rates leaving excess cash in the bank isn’t as attractive as it once was. Deciding on what to do with your hard earned cash can be tough so we will look at different options. The two strategies that we will assess is reducing your non-deductable debt and contributing to your super.

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