Goal Setting

Goal Setting

Setting goals can give us the motivation to accomplish something that is too far in the future for us to care. Goals can vary in how far in the future they are with retirement seen as a long term goal for many, whereas buying a new car is a much shorter term. Setting a goal and then keeping to it is a struggle for most so the following are some tips to help in your goal setting.

  1. Make sure your goals are realistic. If you are always doubting if you will ever reach your goals then you may stop putting in the effort needed to complete them.
  2. Set a suitable time frame. There is no point in trying to save for a house in a year when that is impossible for almost everyone. Knowing your limits will provide an outline for the time frame you should set for a goal.
  3. Make sure the goal is measureable. If you are able to keep track of your progress then you will notice if you start to fall behind to need to make some changes.
  4. Review your goals. Your situation may change so reviewing goals to make sure they are still suitable or you are still able to achieve them. This is especially important for long term goals as they are easier to lose sight of.
  5. Prioritise your goals. Some goals are more important than others so keep that in mind if you have to review them.
  6. If you find it hard to achieve goals then seek help. Getting help with goals may make setting them easier and will add some accountability. You can seek help from family, your accountant or financial adviser.

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