Reflections from the Beach

Reflections from the Beach

Work/life balance - is there such a thing? Is it possible to achieve? 

So many things can tip the scales either way on any given day and the work/life balance can look vastly different from one person to the next.  

This got me thinking, over the Christmas/New Year break (yes, I left work at work, downed the tools and the social media to let my thoughts just wander). With the sound of the waves crashing, dogs barking and our friends fishing banter in the background, it was on our favourite beach spot where I thought about 'values'.

Everyone has different values for various reasons, the things that help formulate our points of view and how we see the world.  We are all brought up differently and what one may view as important, may rank very low to someone else.

According to the Cambridge Dictionary definition, values are:

"The beliefs people have, especially about what is right and wrong and what is most important in life, that control their behaviour."

Okay, so I didn't 'quite' leave work at work, because my mind then turned to the value systems that are so important to our team, yep, each person in our Sound Life office has a very similar moral compass. Each of us are drawn to a similar set of values, which on reflection, on that warm sunny, summer day at the beach, I realised this IS what makes Sound Life unique.

It's easy enough for a business to smash out some 'values' in a boardroom brainstorming session on a piece of butchers paper, to head up your business plan for the next twelve months, but, it's another thing to live by them.

Our values form the basis for every business decision we make, and for every client, whether new or existing, we always come back to our five core values, our reasons for showing up each day.

Our values give us clarity, guidance, direction and purpose -  here they are!

  • Compassion - it's about treating our clients with sensitivity and understanding, treating everyone that walks through our door, equally and respectfully
  • Empowerment - Working with clients to help them become stronger and more confident in their financial journey
  • Effectiveness - ranging from helping our clients reach their financial goals, to ensuring that our processes and policies are kept up to date. Striving to do our best in all areas of our business
  • Integrity - through being open, honest and trustworthy - standing by our values and demonstrating them consistently
  • Supportive - working alongside our clients through every life milestone.  It's never about just handing over a financial plan and we're done, because goals and life, change.

Would I change our values? No, they are the essence of our business.  

In a funny way, I liken them to five dear old Aunties who we don't often see, but we know are there, standing by and reminding us of why we do what we do.

As for work/life balance? I'm still working on it.

Happy New Year!

Thelma Jaekel

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