Preparing for Retirement

Whether retirement is just months, or still a number of years away, it’s never too early to start considering the wide array of decisions you need to make… Not only do you need to think about how you will spend your new found spare time; you also need to deal with the financial aspects of retirement. Whatever your plans for retirement, your finances will play an important part in fulfilling your retirement dreams.

You probably have a number of questions you are grappling with such as:

  • will you have enough money to do all the things you want to do?;
  • where should you invest your money?;
  • how can you make your money last right through retirement?; and
  • can you get the aged pension?

How Can Sound Life Financial Services Help?

"I have always appreciated and valued the services of Richard Duffield from Sound Life Financial Services who provided sound advice in setting up my super fund during my working years and then on my recent retirement set up a pension plan which together with my age pension has enabled me to now enjoy my retirement lifestyle. With good planning I have been able to accomplish my retirement lifestyle goals."

~ Doug Hanbury

Sound Life Financial Services can help you to:

  • assess your current financial position and help develop superannuation, savings and investment strategies to help you maximise your lump sum in retirement;
  • structure your investments so you can achieve capital growth and income generation objectives in retirement;
  • structure your assets and income to maximise your aged pension entitlements; and
  • establish a budget that helps you to have a financially secure retirement while still allowing you to travel, play golf and enjoy other luxuries if desired.

For more information on how Sound Life Financial Services can assist you, simply select one of the areas below:

Of course, the only effective financial advice is based on a personal assessment of your unique circumstances and objectives. For an analysis of the best solutions to meet your needs, contact Sound Life Financial Services.


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